A revolutionary mobile solution

that incorporates the latest and most secure innovations in biometric identification, acting as a virtual identifier for government, public enterprises and private organisations.

* Requires Android OS 5.0 or higher

Connect with v-IDTM Service

that allows authentication of identity using biometric parameters from a web portal.
v-ID Service acts as a secure unique login for government organizations and private enterprises.

* Requires Web Browser

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Your security is our priority

Virtual Identity (v-IDTM) provides a means for Nigerian citizens that have been issued a National Identification Number (NIN), a virtual highly secured representation of the physical National ID card.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is v-IDTM?

Virtual identity(v-IDTM) is a secure mobile representation of the physical card national id card

Who can use v-IDTM?

Anybody can use v-IDTM, from individuals to government offices, private organisations and enterprises.

What are the benefits of v-IDTM?

The need for ease of transaction and versatility can't be over-emphasised. v-IDTM affords the convenience and security needed to maintain personal identification from the convience of your mobile devices and PCs.

Where can i use v-IDTM?

v-IDTM can be used in place of the physical id card at banks, airports, train stations etc. On your laptops/phones and tablets


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